Ways To Not Be Impacted By Power Failures

Have you ever overslept and discovered that the alarm clock stopped working due to a power failure? This is a particular problem with alarm clocks that only run on electricity and do not have any additional power to back them up. These models of alarm clocks must be reset every time the power is cut off or if they are moved. Every time the power goes off, even for a second, these alarm clocks will still need to have their date/time reset. Using alarm clocks of this type can result in the alarm clock failing to trigger the alarm in the morning. Which could cause the alarm clock user to oversleep.

To avoid these problems it’s important that you use a digital alarm clocks with a battery backup feature and a automatic time setting system. A backup battery will maintain the time during power outages and during times that you are disconnected from a power source. More recently, some alarm clock manufacturers have incorporated a different method for automatically setting the time. They use a broadcast Radio time signal from an atomic clock that gets the time from an existing satellite television or computer connection. The time is also being set at the factory and then maintaining the time from then on with a quartz movement powered by an internal rechargeable battery. This feature insures that the clock is always showing the correct time.

Many digital alarm clocks use 9V batteries for the back up, but there are also some that use AA and AAA batteries as well. It is up to the usee to choose which battery type they prefer.






Now you no longer need to worry about that. The clock features a powerful battery backup that will step in whenever the power goes out.

The backup battery does not only keep the time, it also keeps the bed shaker and flashing lights at full power. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits.