How to wake up Your Kids

You knock on your child’s door to wake them up for school. But you have to go back time and again to make sure they’re actually up. You knock again and ask the question “are you up yet”? Does this sound familiar?

Children need more hours to sleep per night than adults. If you check with the National Sleep Foundation, teens need nine hours of sleep every night. When it comes to teens and their Biological sleep patterns, it’s difficult for teens to get to sleep before 11 pm. Which makes it hard for them to get enough sleep and make it to school on time. When a child has to wake up early to make it to school, their actually working against their own biological drive to sleep. Just because a child’s biological makeup doesn’t compare with the needs of the outside world, mean that you have to give in to the daily insanity of getting your kids up and out of the house.

If you want your child to adhere to the morning routine, you’ll need to give them the responsibility for getting up on their own. You’ll need to have a discussion with your child about getting up in the morning by themselves. You might say to them, “we both have a hard time in the morning. I am no longer going to be responsible for getting you up on time. I’m going to get you your own alarm clock, you’ll be able to pick it out, and teach you how to use it. I will also give you one wake up call to make sure your up, and the rest it’s up to you. If you don’t catch your ride, I won’t drive you to school. You will need to either find another way to get there, or you will need to call your teachers to get your assignments.”

It’s important that you purchase you child a Children’s alarm clocks as soon as they understand how to set the controls,