14 Psychological Life Hacks That Solve All Of Your ‘People’ Problems

You can safely ignore most amateur psychology tricks that can be found on the Internet. Most of these mumbo-jumbo hackers are clearly inefficient and a garbage of your time. There are, however, some hidden gems to be found in a … Continue reading

26 Men Answer the Question’ How Long Does It Take A Guy Orgasm'( And Why)

1. Waaaay Too Long ” Way too long, it’s kinda a problem. No faster than like 30 minutes, and up to an hour. Sometimes you just want to bang out a quickie, and that’s not happening. PIV or blowjobs. Anal … Continue reading

This Is How You Unlove Him

This is how you will learn to unlove him. Cry. Turn your bedroom into a raging sea. Into a tsunami that never stops damaging you. Into a waterfall that never stops running. Into a storm that never fucking stops punching … Continue reading

You’re Not Genuinely A Couple Until You Face These 27 Micro Struggles

1. When neither of you are able to figure out what to eat as they were nothing in the refrigerator and you really shouldnt spend money and the whole situation frustrates you both to no end. 2. When you just … Continue reading