Sonic Alert SB300 Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock with Large Display

The display on this alarm clock (1.8″) is very large and easy to read. It includes a bed vibrating unit, and 5-level dimmer function. The 113 db extra-loud alarm comes with an adjustable tone & volume control setting.


  • 113 db extra-loud alarm (with adjustable tone & volume control)
  • SS12VW Super Shaker™ bed vibrating unit
  • Extra-large 1.8″ display
  • User selectable snooze time 1-30 minutes your choice
  • User selectable alarm duration from 1-59 minutes
  • Improved battery backup, will back up the time and alarm settings up to one week
  • New green power technology now uses 60% less energy
  • Alarm & Bed Shaker Test Mode, now test these functions at any time
  • 5-level dimmer function
  • Dual time (12 / 24 hour time formats)
  • Dual power capability, this model SB300ss-v2 requires a travel adapter for 220 volt power. This adapter is the type that converts the prong configuration only like our ITP100 adapter ($12.95). Simply add the ITP100 or any travel adapter to the existing 110 volt power supply that comes with the SB300ss-v2 clock.
  • One-year Sonic Alert® blast-proof warranty

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