How to Insure You Get Out Of Bed On Time

Not everyone is a morning person. You’d probably love to sleep in until 9 or 10 or even a little later if you could. But that’s just not realistic. What you really want is a way to wake up on time every morning, get out of bed without going back to sleep and get going with your morning activities without any problems.

The best way to try to accomplish this is to get yourself into a bedtime routine that you do roughly the same way every night and day. That doesn’t mean that you go to bed at the exact same time every night. It does means that you should try to go to bed as soon as you begin to feel sleepy.Don’t stay up later just to finish one more thing. Go to bed as soon as you feel sleepy. Try to keep the alarm set for the same time, even at weekends. Your body will then have a chance to get used to this pattern.

If your alarm clock is beside your bed and within an easy reach, the temptation will be to reach over and either hit the snooze button or switch the alarm off. A better option would be is to place your alarm clock on the other side of the room. When your alarm clock goes off you will have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you’re out of bed, it’s much easier to stay up and get going with your activities of the day. You’ll want to choose an alarm clock that is loud enough to wake you up but not so toxic that it puts you in a bad mood first thing. A clock radio is one option that you could consider. You’ll be awakened by your favorite radio station every morning. Whatever option you choose, you’ll want to select something that doesn’t agitate you every morning before you get started.

You will find that it will become much easier to get up when you can do it as a habit rather than having to put a conscious effort into it. You may have the best intentions the night before about getting up on time, but it may not seem as appealing the next morning, when you are warm and comfortable lying in bed. The trick is stick with it and practice. Make yourself to get up immediately on waking and after a while it will become a natural routine with no conscious thought required.

As soon as you get out of bed try to get moving as quickly as you can. This will stimulates your body and brain, and shake off the sleep. Start off with some exercise. Go jogging, or weight training will do wonders for you. Exercise can also be a good motivating factor for getting yourself fit and completing your exercise before work. If this all sounds too tough, just stretching and performing a few calisthenics will help your body loosen up and start moving.

Also think about and plan on something you really like as one of the first things that you do in the morning. This could be as simple as enjoying one of your favorite breakfast choices. You want to make sure that immediately getting up is the most appealing choice as a result.