HITO™ 6″ Alarm Clock w/ Date and Temperature Display

HITO™ 6″ Alarm Clock look great on the nightstand. Features include Date and Temperature Display, Light-activated Sensor, Repeating Snooze, Light and Touch-activated Nightlight- Batteries/ USB powered (Green).

Product Features

  • 4.3″ x 2″ large display and big numbers. Time can be read within 33 feet in the day time or 16 feet at night.
  • Display: Time (12/24), Calendar (MM/DD), Temperature (C/F), Alarm (ON/OFF)
  • Soft Sensor light automatically comes on when it’s dark around, because it’s light-activated. Sensor light can be turned on/off. If you need bright light, touch the top button to use nightlight. Bright nightlight is Touch-activated, lasts only 8 seconds. The two lights are designed for a reason: people can read time easily at night, but not get disturbed by their brightness.
  • 2 Ways of Power Supply: Battery Backup (3 AAA batteries last about 3 months, not included) or USB powered (USB charger not included).
  • Snooze repeats every 5 minutes and “beeping” alarm from weak to strong.

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