The Essential Alarm Clock Buying Guide

Before you can actually buy an alarm Clock, there are really a number of things that you need to learn about so you can make an educated decision when it comes to selecting the right product for your needs.

This buying guide has been put together to help you with that decision making process by providing you with reliable information in one location.

Most people research products before they purchase them, but this process is more important with Alarm Clocks than it is with many other goods. Browse through our topics below to get started.


Like most electronic and mechanical devices, alarm clocks come with varying displays and controls. If you already own an alarm clock you might want to think about what’s not working for you. If you haven’t bought an alarm clock in a while or this is your first purchase and you’re not sure what you really need, this guide is the first step in the decision making process.

Most alarm clock users prefer a digital display (i.e. numerals or symbols) vs an analog clock display, where the time is shown by the positions of rotating hands.Read More»


Have you ever slept through your alarm clock because you didn’t hear the alarm go off? This probably happened because your alarm has a soft sound, you’re hearing the same sound day after day, and you haven’t set up an awakening routine that truly works to get you out of bed.

Alarm Clocks today offer a variety of alarms, music and sounds. Some have a Sleep Timer system that allows you to fall asleep to music with a programmable limited time duration so that you don’t have to get up later and turn it off.Read More»



You have deadlines to meet, a business to run and activities to do. When you’re depending on your alarm clock to wake you up on time, you’re going to want to make sure that your alarm clocks time is accurate.

The accuracy of time in the country is regulated by the US Naval Observatory’s Master Clock (USNO),  the official source of time for the Department of Defense. When the power goes out and is later restored, you look to the USNO for the official time. Read More»



What happens to your alarm clock when you have a power outage? Will you lose all of your clock settings?

Electric alarm clocks that have no battery must be reset every time the power is cut off or if they are moved. Even if power is cut off for a second, most clocks will still have to be reset. This is a particular problem with alarm clocks that have no “battery” Backup, because even a very brief power outage during the night usually results in the clock failing to trigger the alarm in the morning. Read More»



Some alarm clocks have programmable features that can be programmed to do multiple task throughout the day. They are designed for you to accommodate the needs of varying lifestyles.

For example – Some alarm clocks allow you to program a different alarm to go off each day – 7 individual alarms; one for each day of the week. This is designed for people that have varying schedules to set a different alarm for each day of their weekly schedule. This enables user to maximize their wake times and sleep times. Read More»