DOK CR32 4-Port Charger with Speaker, Alarm, Clock and FM Radio – Black

This unit is great for every household. It charges up to 4 mobile devices no matter if they are Android, Apple, Galaxy or Blackberry. It will play music through your mobile device as well as being a full featured FM clock radio.

It uses SCD Technology (Smart Current Detection) to ensure that your portable devices are optimally charged without ever overcharging that could harm and decrease battery life. Includes a built-in surge protector so the user can feel confident knowing that the Dok is protecting the device in multiple ways. The unit features a digital clock and stereo FM radio with alarm and sleep functions and built-in LED nightlight.

Features list:

  • 4-Port universal charger with speaker, clock, alarm, and radio
  • Black
  • Charges any 3 portable media devices including phones and tablets in universal cradles
  • Includes fourth charging port for an extra device
  • Compatible with any smart devices including iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, and Blackberry
  • SCD (Smart Current Detection) to adjust current flow and ensure proper charge of each device
  • Surge protection built-in
  • Play and listen to one device on the built-in speaker while charging
  • Digital clock and stereo FM radio with alarm and sleep functions
  • Built-in LED night light
  • Includes AC adapter, 4 USB charging cables, 1 auxiliary audio cable, and 3 cradle Inserts and 3 universal device holders to adapt to any smart device

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