Alarm Clock Sound Choices

Have you ever slept through your alarm clock because you didn’t hear the alarm go off? This probably happened because your alarm has a soft sound, you’re hearing the same sound day after day, and you haven’t set up an awakening routine that truly works to get you out of bed.

Alarm Clocks today offer a variety of alarms, music and sounds. Some have a Sleep Timer system that allows you to fall asleep to music with a programmable limited time duration so that you don’t have to get up later and turn it off. When you wake you have a choice of a multiple level alarm or AM/FM radio with multiple station presets (AM/FM) with digital volume control.

Some systems have dual and independent alarms to wake both you and your partner at different times so both bed mates need only one alarm clock. While others have alarms sounds that will adjust up to very loud levels – 113 decibels of screaming, terrifying sound that will make you cry like a little baby. These systems do have snooze buttons that will ratchet up the alarm sound levels when they go off again.

If you are a sleeper that prefers to wake up slowly, there are alarm clocks that wake you up gradually starting with a very quiet buzzer sound and incrementally increasing the sound until the alarm is shut off. These type of options are called Humane Wake or Gentle Wake systems.

If you would prefer a natural sound alarm clock, there are sounds that include various gentle and soothing sounds, outdoor nature sounds, native birds singing, sounds of the ocean breaking against the shore and an alarm that allows you to arise naturally by gradually increasing the intensity of a unique LED built-in light, which simulates a natural sunrise.

Finding the right awakening routine that truly works for best you is very important. So before you purchase an alarm clock consider what would be the best routine that you would like to wake up with.