Alarm Clock Programmable Features

Some alarm clocks have programmable features that can be programmed to do multiple task throughout the day. They are designed for you to accommodate the needs of varying lifestyles.

For example – Some alarm clocks allow you to program a different alarm to go off each day – 7 individual alarms; one for each day of the week. This is designed for people that have varying schedules to set a different alarm for each day of their weekly schedule. This enables user to maximize their wake times and sleep times.

You can program different wake up schedules including one for yourself and one for your partner. Some alarm clocks allow for you to program daily reminders – these daily reminders could be recorded messages, for example “Take your pill at 1 PM”. If you like to wake up to music you can program your alarm clock to wake you to streaming music from the internet, your own songs, the radio, and more.